Why do we still use paper receipts?

For both parties, a receipt acts as proof of purchase. The consumer needs it to ensure they’ve been charged correctly, or to request and facilitate a refund. The business owner, meanwhile, needs it for their records, or, in the case of larger sales, to protect against chargeback disputes. But why paper? This is undoubtedly a throwback to older times, but some people still prefer the permanence of a physical receipt. They want to hold it in their hands and examine it for mistakes, before filing it away for tax purposes – or in case they want to return their purchase.

The thermal receipt paper can sometimes be damaged when exposed to heat, causing the ink to fade. The paper itself may also be coated with the harmful chemicals, bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol B (BPS), which can be absorbed into our bodies.

Paper receipts are susceptible to being ripped and lost. A survey by Green America found that over one-quarter of respondents threw away or lost almost all of the paper receipts they were given.

From a business point of view, there’s the upfront cost of setting up and the ongoing costs for storage and supplies.

QResit. Store virtual receipts, save nature.

Trouble keeping track of your finance?

Out of cash towards end of the month? Want a detailed analysis of your spending & alerts you when it reaches your budget?

We have the Solutions!

Here at Qresit, all your purchase details will be recorded and you can view and manage it from your phone. We want to save the environment & reduce dependence on paper receipts. Support us and go green.

Plug & Play solution !

Here at Qresit, merchants adapt the solution with plug & play with no technical integration needed.


Available for hundreds of POS / mobile phones globally and growing.


Instead of generating paper receipts, merchant POS directly generate e-receipt on QR code which is simplify and more convenient


After scanning the QR code, customer can make a payment & view their e-receipts and it can also be downloaded from our website


Keep all your cards and receipts in one place

If you’ve ever tried to jam that one last loyalty card/receipts into your bulging wallet, then you already know the answer. Despite paying with credit card or mobile wallet, we still receive a paper receipt from the merchant.

We want to change that. No more carrying loyalty cards or printing of paper receipts. System will recognise our users and e-receipts is sent upon payment as well as rewards point. Another copy is sent digitally to the shop owner as well.


STEP 1: Sign Up

Sign up with any of our growing ​list of retail partners or sign up here*

STEP 2 : Appointment & Setup

Appointment for one side audit and QResit device setup.

STEP 3 Transact

Carry on shopping as usual and receive e-receipt on the go

Avoid Thermal paper

Do not waste anymore paper. Due to the high cost of papers and printing, there has been no innovation to it. Fortunately for us, ours is in digital form so it is now more colorful and dynamic. We are able to add pictures and video to it and link to the internet. Feedback and Survey can be done instantly. There’s also option to split the bill automatically. Loyalty program is connected directly. Rewards and vouchers can be sent as well. The previously black and dull receipts are now more interesting, interactive and engaging.

In summary, Qresit is an innovative company focusing on providing digital receipts, to make life easier, better and cleaner. We connect merchant and customers together while eliminating paper receipts. Join us and free those paper receipts from your wallet

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